Våre ekspert-datingcoacher deler sine erfaringer og råd for vellykkede dater og fremtidige forhold. Sjekk ut alle videoene deres her for å bli inspirert og gi deg selv det som trengs for å starte noe ekte!

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How To Feel More Confident With Dating

Confidence is an attractive quality, but equally not being confident can hold

Stop Low Confidence Ruining Your Dating Life

5 ways that low confidence can negatively affect how you interact with

How to be confident on your dates

Do you need to express your opinions more? Or become more comfortable with

Small Actions That Build Confidence

My top 10 hacks for developing confidence. Take note of these action steps and

Questions and Answers from April 2022

Dating coach Hayley Quinn answers viewers questions live for 30 minutes: which

How To Get That Second Date

Do your first dates always fizzle out? Learn how dates can be fun and rewarding

Troubleshooting Common First Date Problems

Do you get first date nerves? Or maybe your date's just canceled? Together

What To Talk About On Your Date?

What do you talk about on your dates? Learn the best 5 questions to ask your

Great ideas for first dates

Inject more fun into your dates, by planning a first date that really works for


Dating coach Hayley Quinn answers viewers questions live for 30 minutes: which

Why good communication skills are so important?

Whether it's the messages you send online, or what to talk about on a first

How to ask your match out?

When and how should you ask someone out online? Here I tell you when's the

What to say on a date?

What topics of conversation are best to talk about on a first date, and what

How to show someone you’re interested?

5 do's and don'ts of how you can communicate to someone that you'd like to see

Questions / Answers 14/09/2021

Hayley answers to your questions !

Why your profile is so important?

A great profile isn't about changing who you are, it's about emphasizing all

How to write a captivating profile?

Creating a great profile is all about showing how unique you are. Follow my 5

What first message should you send?

Just like having a unique profile we want to make sure your messages stand out
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