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What makes a great online dating photo?

Photos are often the first thing on our profiles that gets checked out. Follow

Questions / Answers 08/06/2021

Hayley answers to your questions.

Dating with confidence

Do you feel confident about dating? Confidence and self esteem are both

Build your self esteem

We all have different experiences in life, but no matter how you feel today,

Build your confidence

Confidence is competence! Start becoming more proactive and step outside your

How to feel positive about dating ?

Someone hasn’t text you back? Use Hayley's handy exercise to feel confident

Q/A session – March 2021

Q/A session with Hayley Quinn, during the March 2021 LiveCoaching

Single at Christmas ?

Being single can be tough, especially during Christmas 2020. Watch this section

5 ways to feel great about being single

If you’re feeling the, ‘well that’s another year gone,’ blues then

5 action steps to get ready to date

Now is a great time for you to recharge and think about how you can really

How to respond to «Why are you still single?»

Regardless of whether you love or loathe being single, it’s never fun being

Creating the Spark

If you don't instantly feel the spark, you may not feel your date is a success;

Getting into the right mindset

Whether we feel the spark, or not, isn't all about who we meet on our dates.

Easy ways to make your interactions more sparky

If you struggle to show someone you like them, follow my simple tips to create

How to give a killer compliment

The easiest way to make someone feel good on a date is with a meaningful

Supercharge your online dating profile

If you’re not getting the matches you want, dating coach Hayley Quinn, is
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